Orange Crescent School

Help Us bridge our $300,000 tuition gap.

We need your help to raise $300,000 to to bridge our tuition gap by February 1st. We are calling on all alumni, parents, families, and our community to help our school

Being the longest standing Islamic School in California, OCS has been a staple for Muslim families looking to have a safe and affordable Islamic education.  But to ensure a diverse student body regardless of financial status, our tuition and fees don’t cover the true cost to educate a child at OCS.

Our vision has been to develop students who have a positive self-identity as Muslim-Americans and who will become confident and successful citizens in the world, and in order to that, we need your help to preserve our students’ deen.  


Amount Collected

Amount Remaining $196,353.28

About OCS

Orange Crescent School’s mission is to provide students with academic and moral excellence in an Islamic environment.

Our Mission & Vision

For 40 years we have kept our doors open for all nationalities and backgrounds and have done our best to keep a private Islamic education, affordable, no matter a family’s financial status. Our fees don’t even cover the cost of tuition and as a result, our school has had difficulties growing and starting new beginnings for our students. 

It’s time to get serious about this as a community, and help this school.


Computer Lab

The computer lab has 30  computers composed of 25 Dell OptiPlex and 5 Apple iMac computers. 


Students have access to a Masjid where they pray the noon prayer in congregation (Duhr) every day and the Friday Prayer each week.

Quran Learning Center

30 ipads fill our Quran Learning Center where students are able to learn to supplement their reading and memorization with the aid of Quran Explorer.

ISSA Library

Named after the school’s first Librarian, Br. Issa, the ISSA Library is a cozy place for students to read. It contains over 10,000 books, 10 tables and 30 chairs for students.

Science Lab

The first phase of our brand new science lab was installed in early 2014. The science lab is composed of 10 new lab benches with acid resistant tops, 30 lab stools for students, a movable demonstration table with plumbing for the teacher, a teacher’s lab stool, and a lockable storage cabinet. 

Home Economics Lab

Our Home Economics is equipped with 7 sewing machines, 3 cooking stations, and 10 griddles. Home Economics is broken into 3 major units: Sewing, Cooking and Life Skills.  For Sewing, students make their own pajama pants, learn how to sew both by hand and with a sewing machine, embroider, make pillows, etc. 


Hot lunch is offered daily to students and staff catered by Halal Restaurants such as Cham-Ya, KFC, and Pizza Hut.

Athletic Fields

  • 1 Soccer Field 
  • 4 Basketball Courts 
  • 2 Tennis/Volleyball Courts 
  • 2 Handball Courts

What our programming entails

In addition to providing the core subjects by credentialed teachers – English, Math, Social Studies and Science, Orange Crescent School also offers: 
  • Islamic Studies 
  • Quran Reading & Memorization
  • Arabic
  • Physical Education
  • Library/Accelerated Reader 
  • Elective Courses

How you make a difference

By helping us bridge this tuition gap, not only are you helping us out in a difficult time, you are giving us the opportunity to grow and impact our students’ lives.

Year after year, we have found ourselves barely breaking even, and our fundraisers don’t come close to bringing in the funds needed for future growth. In order to take OCS to the next level, and in order to break this cycle, we need to take this seriously, that is why we need your help. Our kids are our future and we need to protect their faith. Your donation to our school is a means of sadaqah jariyah.

We have been able to do so much with our low tuition but imagine how much more we can do if we had the funds to meet our needs.

Whether you have visited us, or know someone who has gone through our doors, consider donating any amount to help us. If you are alumni, or past parent, family, or teacher, donate and share this message with others.  

Message from our principal

Our staff is committed to providing a quality education to all OCS students. We pride ourselves in offering a strong academic and religious program to all students regardless of their socio-economic background. A private Islamic School should not just be for the financially elite, but for all students who believe in our mission of excellence. OCS has been able to provide an affordable program that is WASC accredited because of the strong commitment by the community.”

– Ms. Maisa Youssef